Keynote Speakers at BITE 2017

Marnus Broodryk

Marnus Broodryk is a South African entrepreneur best known as one of the "Sharks" – a group of investors who offer ordinary South Africans investment in their businesses – on the reality show Shark Tank South Africa. A perfect fit for BITE2017!

Marnus started his first business designing websites at the age of 14. By the time he turned 24 he was a self-made millionaire and entrepreneur, having launched several companies, including accounting firm The Beancounter. He joined Shark Tank South Africa in October 2016 as one of the five "Sharks", where entrepreneurs go up in front of a panel of investors who are willing to invest their own money and time in potentially lucrative business ideas.

Upon joining the show Marnus said he was keen to invest in business to business services or products, ideally with subscription models; business models with a focus on SMEs; technology companies; e-commerce; and companies with a social impact.

Marnus joins BITE 2017 to give you insight into "The Mind of a Successful Entrepreneur".

Alternative Funding Panel

Our second keynote session brings together an impressive panel of alternative funding and industry experts to provide an insider's guide to innovative routes to funding. You will also gain insight into how the panel sees the future of funding innovations, the impact of interest rates and other current issues surrounding alternative sources of finance. They will be taking questions from the audience around funding in general and alternative funding in particular.
The fantastic panel includes:
Andy Davis
Author of 'Beyond the Banks'
and former Financial Times journalist

Charlie Hammond
Equity Fundraising Manager at Crowdcube

Heath Lansbury
Chief Commercial Officer at
Shadow Foundr
Rob Mills
Head of Finance & Risk
at Satago
Terry Porter
Banking Consultant at
MHA Carpenter Box

Jonathan Sharrock
CEO at Coast to Capital

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