What is BITE 2017?

BITE 2017 is a one-day free event designed for entrepreneurs and businesses interested in growing their bottom line. With keynote sessions and a wide range of interactive breakouts scheduled throughout the day, BITE 2017 offers you the chance to meet like minded individuals to help make business better. From tech companies to alternative funders, BITE aims to open eyes to what's out there to help your business grow.

Be the shark

When it comes to business and technology, the early adopters are the sharks.

The laggards are the fish and swiftly eaten.

Most business owners wait until software or technology is used on a large scale before they adopt.

BITE gives you the unique opportunity to explore technology that not only makes your business more streamlined, but improves your profits.
The 'early adopter' bell curve shown above is a reminder that the innovators and early adopters are the ones who see the greatest and fastest results. We want to make those results available to you, too.

BITE is for you if....

  • You want to run your business better and more efficiently
  • You love using the newest technology and want to get your business fully into the cloud
  • You'd be interested in connecting with businesses who see things differently
  • You're keen to explore the 'latest and greatest' add ons and integrations
  • You want to learn about alternative routes to business funding
  • You appreciate meeting other business owners with the same mindset

About your event organiser

With over 90 years of experience, we are the leading independent accountancy firm in the Sussex area. We understand that to be able to advise businesses on the best way forward, we have to be forward looking ourselves.

With this in mind, we have designed BITE to direct you to all that's available in integrated technology and innovative funding solutions.

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Discover how best to structure your business, manage wealth, and use the latest software for your business.


Early adopters are the sharks, and the laggards get eaten. How can you innovate early (and not become fish food)?


Discover the most innovative cloud accounting software available. And meet the best in class integrated add-ons.


Using innovative technology is just the beginning. Get hands-on demos of how these can work for you, and spend your time better.